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Blood Kisses Denise Masino !FULL!


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Blood Kisses: A Vampire Thriller Starring Denise Masino

Blood Kisses is a 2005 horror film directed by Gregg R. Simpson and starring world champion female bodybuilder Denise Masino as a vampire countess who wants to create an army of vampire women. The film also features Robert Masino, Cheyenne Mack, Marc Bossley, and Lori Smith.

The film follows Dr. Lamarck (Robert Masino), a scientist who is researching a cure for vampirism. He is kidnapped by Countess (Denise Masino), a powerful and seductive vampire who plans to use his blood to transform her female followers into vampires. She also has a special interest in Raven (Cheyenne Mack), a young woman who has a mysterious connection to the countess. Meanwhile, Detective Shelby Evans (Marc Bossley) is on the trail of the vampire cult, trying to stop them before they unleash their bloodlust on the city.

Blood Kisses is a low-budget independent film that showcases Denise Masino's impressive physique and acting skills. The film combines horror, action, and eroticism, with plenty of gore and nudity. The film also features a soundtrack by Xiren, a rock band from Colorado.

Blood Kisses was released on September 9, 2005 in the United States and received positive reviews from fans of the genre. The film is available on DVD and online streaming platforms.

If you are looking for a thrilling and sexy vampire movie, check out Blood Kisses starring Denise Masino. You won't regret it!Sure, here are a few more paragraphs:

Who is Denise Masino

Denise Masino is not only a talented actress and producer, but also a professional female bodybuilder and model. She was born on May 1, 1968 in Brooklyn, New York of Puerto Rican descent. She started her bodybuilding career in 1994, when she won the NPC Florida Championships. She then went on to win the lightweight class at the 1995 NPC Nationals, earning her pro card. She competed as a professional until 2007, placing in several prestigious contests such as the Ms. International and the Ms. Olympia. She was known for her impressive muscularity, symmetry, and femininity.

What else has she done

Besides bodybuilding, Denise Masino has also pursued a successful career in modeling and media. She has been featured in many fitness and bodybuilding magazines, such as Flex, Iron Man, and Muscle & Fitness. She was voted the "sexiest bodybuilder alive" by Iron Man magazine and appeared in their Fantasy Lingerie issue. She also co-founded Muscle Elegance, a magazine that features erotic pictorials of female bodybuilders and where she is the main model. The magazine also produces a line of videos and a website called Muscle Pinups.

Denise Masino made her feature film debut in Blood Kisses, a vampire thriller that she also co-produced and co-wrote with her ex-husband Robert Masino. The film premiered in film festivals in 2005 and received positive feedback from fans of the genre. She also starred in Adventures of Miss Fit, a documentary feature that follows her life as a bodybuilder, actress, and entrepreneur. The film had its film festival premiere in 2016 and showcases her passion and dedication to her craft.

What is she doing now

Denise Masino is currently living in Fort Myers, Florida with her husband Gregg Simpson, who is also a filmmaker and bodybuilder. She is still active in the fitness industry and runs her own website and social media accounts where she posts updates on her projects and workouts. She is also involved in various charitable causes and supports animal rights and environmental issues. She is an inspiration to many women who want to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. 9160f4acd4


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