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the topic supports modeling, analysis, and testing of advanced thermal protection systems. this research is centered on the modeling and analysis of ceramic and ceramic-metal composites used for ablative thermal protection systems of spacecraft. such composites may be developed using ramjet, engine, or nuclear engine technologies. many of the technologies and approaches used to develop the materials currently being used on the space shuttle and constellation vehicles will be used for future spacecraft. however, significant advances are needed in material science for enhancing or developing new classes of protective materials. these subjects include:

this work will investigate large scale, dynamic thermal protection systems for use on future spacecraft. in this work, several concepts will be developed and tested. dynamic thermal protection systems include materials, mechanical properties, and thermal processing methods of the materials.

there will be an independent assessment of the major engineering, advanced materials, and computational techniques in the area of aeroelasticity and flight dynamics. this will include a technical review of new developments and advances in this area, and development of analysis tools to be used on current test data. this will include the review of new analysis techniques for classical aeroelasticity; including the approximation and discretization of the governing aeroelastic equation set. the review of the classical aeroelastic computation tools, and the development of new, non-classical aeroelastic tools that can be used on model data will be supported. 3d9ccd7d82


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